David Arroyo (hypno) wrote,
David Arroyo

Did i touch a nerve?

So after reading the lastest Walking Dead trade I felt compelled to send Kirkman a PM on his message boards.

Subject: Why do you do this?
Dear Mr.Kirkman,

I have been reading your comics for a while now. It started with Invincible #1 and has continued to your other comics. 5 months ago I got into the Walking Dead, I really loved it and since the comic store I frequented was also sold out of your current issues I decided to stick with the trades.

So last week I was in Forbidden Planet and saw your latest trade. I was very excited to say the least, having recently moved to New York, seeing a new "Walking Dead" trade was almost like seeing an old friend.

I was pretty shocked at the direction you chose to take the story. I was shocked and sad, because it seems like you are following a disturbing pattern that I see a lot of comic writers taking.

The rape and torture of women for entertainment. Now please don’t think of me as a conservative crackpot. Because I am far from that but it really upsets me to see the abuse of women in comic book fiction being the norm.

Spoiler from Batman was tortured and sexually molested in multiple issues of war games, Identity Crisis had Sue Dibney murdered and raped, Kyle Rayners love interest was shoved in a refrigerator. I could go on and on.

Here’s the thing, I don’t think you’re a jerk but I am mad at you for souring the taste of these really great comics. Why did Michonne have to be the one who was raped and tortured? Why couldn’t it been Glen? or Even Rick? Why is it okay to show a woman being raped and tortured for dramatic effect, but not a man?

This has left me pretty torn as to wether I should continue buying your books or not. Mr.Kirkman I'm not saying there is no place for dark stories in the comic book industry, what im saying is that

a) Why must they always be directed as violence toward women?

b) Aren’t you worried about the message you are putting out there?

Im not saying you're condoning violence toward women but lets be fair fans look up to you and your writing they are going to emulate your style. Like the Jack Kirbys and Stan Lee's of our time you’re a role model now. Is it to much to ask to put some thought into your actions?

David Arroyo

I got this response today..

From: Robert Kirkman
To: Mxy
Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2006 8:42 am
Subject: Re: Why do you do this?

Simply put, you are a hypocrite for JUST NOW bringing this up, as plenty of MEN have had violence and bad things happen to them during this series, including Rick losing a hand in this very trade paperback.

Should I ONLY do bad things to male characters? You seem to be fine with that.

I treat the women and men in Walking Dead equally. I treat them both poorly. It's a harsh world. Bad things happen and bad things will continue to happen.

It would be WRONG of me to give the women a pass, and it would weaken the integrity of the book.

Worse things will happen to men, keep reading.


I don’t know how to respond to this. Should I even have brought up the topic considering I am a man and not a woman, the reason why I did is because I am growing more concerned at the direction the comic stories seem to be heading. Its not like I am someone without a cause but its just something that really has been bugging me for a while (ever since the whole spoiler thing).

I think there is a BIG difference between what’s happened to the male characters in the book, they haven’t had the brutal treatment that Michonne received pales in comparison. The other male characters have experience death of their loved ones (women & children) or have been killed themselves.

Simply put I will never read about a male character being raped daily, beaten and told the only to escape was to kill themselves. It just wouldn’t be done.

They can loose a body part, have their family killed or even they die themselves. But to be slowly tortured both physically, sexually and psychologically well no that would be to gross and crossing a line.

Its not like I have some perverse interest in seeing men in this way but if its okay to show a woman going through this why isn’t it okay for a man?

That to me is hypocrisy.
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